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The Blue Tree Company is committed to minimising the impact its activities have on both the local and global environment, by taking all possible steps to prevent pollution, to avoid damage to habitats, and reduce its carbon footprint.


Nesting birds and their nests and eggs are protected by law.  Many other species such as bats and badgers are also protected.  We work within the guidelines set out in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CROW).

We promote reduction rather than removal of trees, where possible, and also encourage re-planting.

Where appropriate we leave habitat piles (hibernacula) or dead stems (monoliths) to encourage diversity of wildlife, and minimise the impact on the local fauna.


We encourage clients to make use of the materials that arise from work on their trees. Logs cut on your property can be seasoned and burnt for fuel with zero transport miles, and neutral carbon emissions. Wood chip produced as a waste material can be recycled as mulch to ameliorate (improve) the soil quality, particularly around the base of trees where it acts as a fertilizer and may help reduce soil compaction.

‘Waste’ that is taken away is re-used by selling as logs and woodchip. Green waste that is not sold is composted and used on landscaping projects.

We hold an Environment Agency waste carriers licence.

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