Vegetation Management & Planting in Hitchin, St Albans and Hertfordshire

Vegetation Management & Planting

Tree Planting

Be it a single tree or many; we can provide advice when considering what species to plant on any given site. We have good local contacts with reputable trade nurseries to ensure you get an extensive choice and that trees are delivered in prime condition

Hedge management

This may be a light trim to keep a hedge compact, or more major work on a hedge that has got out of hand. The treatment and type of year that a hedge is worked on will depend on species.

Site clearance

This may be a combination of a number of services and may be for a number of reasons. It can provide the starting point for a construction project, or a blank canvas for a garden.

Stump grinding

This is the grinding out of the main root plate to below ground level. Removing the stump of a tree ensures that it will not re-sucker or re-sprout and allows for re-planting or re-turfing.

Pesticide application and Stump treatment

Under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) (1986 & as amended 1997), pesticides (including stump treatments) must be applied by suitably qualified individuals holding a recognised certificate of competence.

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