Alan Randall

With more that 15 years’ experience in the industry Alan Randall brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to The Blue Tree Company’s team, ranging from forestry to topiary. Alan is committed to delivering tree management to the highest quality

Alan’s other priority is customer service. He believes strongly in good communications and a job well done, leaving behind sites that delight his customers and that he can take pride in. This is the ethos he applies to motivate others, ensuring the absolute best from both himself and the team.

In addition to ‘regular’ tree management Alan leads our consulting activities. Over the last few years he has branched out into the world of tree surveying and gained significant experience consulting for local authorities and commercial organisations

Alan has been fascinated by trees from a very young age, always c

urious about how things grow and wanting to learn about the scientific processes within living organisms. It is through his work as an arborist that this interest extended into the bio-mechanics of trees and wood decay fungi. A member of the Mycology Society and Arboricultural Association, Alan reads extensively on this subject in order to keep up to date with the latest research. Drawing upon valuable practical experience and the theoretical knowledge surrounding arboriculture, he guarantees that customers receive the best advice possible

His stand out memory to date with The Blue Tree Company was working on the removal of a tree at St Albans Abbey. The tree’s entire root system needed to be extrapolated from the ground. This work needed to be done in careful liaison with the archaeologists digging the ancient burial site that the tree’s roots were running through. “It was fascinating work, it all needed to be properly excavated and documented

Alan manages client work on tree safety, mortgage reports, planning matters, regulations, subsidence investigations and planting advice. Alan is trained in Visual Tree Assessment and is able to do reports on single or multiple trees. He is fully trained in the use of the Arbortrack™ – a GPS-linked geographic information system that eases the task of integrating and coordinating the management of individual and groups of trees. It’s an excellent tool that supports the entire process of tree management from initial survey to maintenance and removal. His experience in all consulting and surveying matters are a valuable asset to The Blue Tree Company

Alan is dedicated to the continual professional development of all the arborists within The Blue Tree Company family and so ensures that he shares this knowledge with the team when out in the field. His passion for arboriculture and deep understanding of the natural world will make a strong contribution towards maintaining The Blue Tree Company’s strong ecological values

Contact Alan Randall on 07790 237587 if you’d like to discuss any matter that may need an experienced opinion

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