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In addition to our tree surgery services, The Blue Tree Company offer a range of arboricultural consultancy services. Our tree consultancy services provide peace of mind to our customers about the safety and condition of a site’s trees, and also flag where potential issues might be found. Our Arboricultural Consultancy Services include: • Tree safety surveys • Mortgage reports • Construction Planning services and supervision (BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to Construction) • Advice on High Hedges and Hedgerow Regulations • Subsidence investigation • Advice on statute and common law in relation to trees Owners of trees, or those with a responsibility for them owe a duty of care under the 1957 Occupiers Liability Act, as amended in 1984. This Act means that if a tree is to fall causing damage or injury, the courts will apply the test of the ‘reasonable and prudent homeowner (Landowner)’. What’s considered ‘reasonable and prudent’ may alter according to the size of the property, the hazards presented and the level of knowledge of the owner We work with our clients to carry out an initial arboricultural survey and then develop a management plan for the future upkeep of the site. We advocate a proactive approach to a site’s maintenance, rather than reactive
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Tree Safety

A tree safety survey can assist in flagging up issues early on, so that action can be taken before any incidents occur. If trees are present in great numbers, or if a tree can be considered to present a particular potential hazard (such as large size, proximity to roads or buildings, frequent passage of visitors, leaning habit, exposed roots etc.) then it is advisable to get a formal inspection by a qualified arboricultural professional. It is equally advisable to request a tree safety survey, if a tree is displaying signs of ill health, such as loss or lack of foliage, exudates, pest infestations, decay hollows, cracks etc

Mortgage Reports

Mortgage reports are sometimes asked for by the mortgage lender if there are large or numerous trees present at the property. The report will go into detail of the chance of any trees causing damage to the property, now or in the future. The report will look in to things like the trees’ water usage and soil plasticity (ability of certain soil types to contract and expand). It will also give a general overview of the current health of the trees

Construction Planning

BS 5837:2012 surveys relate to trees in relation to design, demolition and construction. These surveys are essential for the success of  any new planning application where trees are present. The surveys will provide information on all trees that may be affected by or will effect any new buildings. This will include trees that can be potentially removed and the protection trees may need if they are to be retained in the form of arboricultural impact assessments, tree protection plans and tree constraints plans

High Hedges & Hedgerow Regulation

High Hedges and trees can sometimes cause disputes. Trees and high hedges are a common cause of neighbourly disputes in particular. Our team can advise on high hedges, trespassing branches and roots and your rights if a neighbour’s tree is suspected to be causing damage to your home

Subsidence Investigation

Subsidence surveys will examine in great detail if trees pose a potential threat of damage to properties. This will include the direct mechanical damage that trees and their roots can cause for example lifting a wall or paving slabs. It also examines the indirect damage that can be caused by the uptake of large amounts of water from clay based soils that the property sits on. If water is being removed from clay soil faster than it is being replaced the soil will shrink an can potentially result in subsidence

Statute & common law in relation to trees

The Blue Tree Company can assist with planning applications. Our team are on hand to advise on where there might be additional factors to consider for the site, such as Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) or areas of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). If the work is required in an area where additional conservation requirements are in place, we can talk you through the processes required. We also offer a service to make applications to the relevant authorities on your behalf

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Previous Reports

Please find below a list of recent reports that the team have produced for a range of clients and needs

Management Plans

The information from the arboricultural survey will be used to produce a management plan based on urgency and risks as well as client objectives. The scope of the management plan will depend on a number of factors, including the needs of the clients and the site, and also if there are any imminent risks revealed by the tree survey We work closely with our clients to develop aims and objectives for the plan that will ensure that the needs of our clients and any other interested parties in the site are met. We then develop a schedule of work that is carefully managed through our management system and schedule the necessary work at times which best suit the client
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It is advisable that a tree safety and condition survey is regularly completed, to achieve the effective maintenance of a site’s trees. We advise our clients to book a tree survey every 15 months. This enables us to survey the trees at different times of year, which can highlight different potential issues and characteristics of the trees In short, if the potential for damage is high, or if something doesn’t look right – get it checked! Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and how we can help you

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