Logs For Sale

Logs for sale

While we do all that we can to protect and preserve trees through our professional tree surgery services; there are occasions when we do have to take the necessary steps to remove a tree. When the removal of a tree is required, we carry out our work with the utmost commitment to the environment. All of the waste produced in the removal of a tree is recycled and, where possible, retained by the customer and reused as firewood or stacked as ecopiles. When it is not possible to reuse the wood on site we take it away and reuse it where we can. This is when we are able to offer logs for sale to local homes and businesses Once we remove a tree, the wood is split into logs usually between 10 and 12 inches in size. These logs are stacked and stored under cover for a period up to 2 years until they are fully seasoned. It is important to season the logs as the water in the timber has to evaporate away before the wood will burn. A well-seasoned log can release around twice the energy value of unseasoned logs. We use a moisture reader to ensure that the logs are ready before we offer them for sale. These fully seasoned logs are then sold by the cubic metre locally. There is no additional delivery charge for anyone within the local area
the Blue tree company logs for sale
The Blue tree company_logs for sale

Why hardwood logs are better

Hardwood logs are a much more viable alternative to softer woods when it comes to burning as they burn hotter and for longer with less ‘spit’. Hardwoods include Ash, Beech, Chestnut and Oak and more cost effective to softer woods. Alternative soft woods like Conifers and Pine, while cheaper, don’t burn for as long and produce a lot of spitting. This can lead to the need for your chimney to be cleaned more often Some of our clients prefer smaller logs for their wood burners or larger logs for open fires but as they are sold by the cubic metre they still cost the same and offer the same value for money. Some clients prefer different types of woods like Silver Birch and Poplar as they are easier for getting a fire started due to them being less hard and dense. Others prefer the smell produced by the burning wood of a fruit tree. Ash and Elm woods produce a greater heat and burn for longer At The Blue Tree Company we deal with the removal of many types of trees across the areas of Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and North London and we often have a variety of woods in different sizes available. We use the same process with all of our woods and work hard to accommodate the requests of all of our customers. Just let us know what you are looking for and we should be able to assist you

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