Seed dispersal and seed survival strategies

Have you ever thought about where trees grow and how they got there? Trees employ a variety of strategies to ensure that their offspring spread as far and wide as possible. Too close together and they are in competition for water and nutrients and are more vulnerable to disease or

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When to plant a tree?

It is important to know when to plant a tree in order to give it the greatest chance of success. Container Grown Trees Container grown trees, with sufficient aftercare can be planted out at just about any time of year. If planted during the warmer months it is of utmost

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Help Hedgehogs Through The Colder Months

How To Help Hedgehogs Through The Colder Months

This month we have a guest blog from Alison Taylor of Hitchin Hedgehog Care. With the numbers of UK hedgehogs in decline, how can we best care for them through the colder months? Helping Hedgehogs In The Autumn During autumn hedgehogs will be feeding themselves up for hibernation and seeking safe,

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How to remove a tree stump - the Blue Tree Company

How to remove a tree stump

After a tree has been felled, it is often a good idea to remove the tree stump as well. Many people however are unsure of how to remove a tree stump. There are a few different approaches and we’re going to focus on our preferred one below. Why remove a

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How to take a tree cutting - The Blue Tree Company

How to take a cutting from a tree

Taking hardwood Tree and Shrub cuttings Many of us have plants in the garden that are our favourites, and what happens when you want another one? Do you always need a visit to the local garden centre, or, do you know how to take a cutting from a tree? Taking

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Oak Processionary Moth - The Blue Tree Company

Oak Processionary Moth

If you’ve spotted our teams at work around an Oak Processionary Moth nest this information will help you learn more about why we are there and what we are doing.   Oak Processionary Moths are pests of oak trees, and a hazard to human and animal health. These furry little fiends

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