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Pests & Disease Treatment


Why do pests and diseases need to be managed?

Trees are a huge benefit to our landscape, but there are many pests and tree diseases that can bring significant damage. If left unchecked, you might find yourself with no option but to remove the tree. In the UK alone, there are over a hundred pests and diseases that are attacking the native trees. This is why we provide tree disease treatment and pest management services

Damage to trees can be caused by pests such as the Oak Processionary Moth or the Green Fly. Damage can also come from animals such as deer, rabbits, squirrels or insect infestations

There are a number of aggressive tree diseases in the UK, these broadly come as either bacterial or fungal infections. Tree diseases can also come in the form of viral infections

The first step is always to identify what pest or disease is present. Once identified, we can then advocate the best course of management


When do we use tree disease treatment?

Once a pest of disease has been identified, we can then advise on the best course of action to manage the tree. Due to the aggressive nature of some diseases, it’s always best to act quickly, to minimise the spread or any potential damage

Not everything that is alien to the tree is bad for it, for example, there are some fungi that can be essential to a tree’s condition. Others, on the other hand, are a sign that the tree may need immediate remedial action



We advise our clients to have a regular tree survey every 15 months. This enables the trees to be viewed in different seasons. Some pests and diseases will only be apparent at certain times of the year


Our Process

If you are unsure if there are any pests or diseases present in your garden, speak to a member of our team. We can arrange a site visit and talk you through anything present and recommend a suitable course of action. If a pest or disease is identified, it’s always best to act quickly, to minimise the spread and any potential damage

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