Invasive Weed Treatment Hertfordshire

Invasive weed treatment


What is an invasive weed?

Many of our landscapes now include the benefit of the presence of plant species from abroad. However, a small number of these non-native plants can threaten natural habitats and native species. The term ‘invasive weed’ is used to describe a plant that can invade gardens or habitats, and damage the native ecosystems. Common invasive weeds include: Japanese Knotweed, Giant Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Common Ragwort

If left unchecked, these plants can present a danger to animals and cause problems for agricultural production. They can take over a site rapidly, often at the expensive of any flora and fauna currently flourishing there. Invasive weeds can also present a public health issue and cause damage to property. Japanese Knotweed for example can make it very difficult to sell a house of get a mortgage on a property due to the damage it can cause, and how difficult it is to eradicate


How do we treat invasive weeds?

There are a variety of effective treatment methods available. The type of invasive weed species that is present and the type of the site both affect which approach is best to use. Our team are experienced in invasive weeds and vegetation management and will talk you through your options and which one would be advisable for your site. We can also identify any potential legal issues where the species have the potential of affecting another property or landscape



As a landowner, you have a responsibility to your neighbours to ensure that any non-native invasive species on your land, does not spread to neighbouring properties or agricultural land. It is also a criminal offence to plant or cause to grow an invasive species in the wild


Our Process

If you are unsure of what weed is in your garden, speak to a member of our team today. We are happy to arrange a site visit and talk you through the species present and your options. If an invasive weed is identified, it’s always best to act quickly. This minimises the spread and also any potential damage to neighbouring sites or homes

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