Tree Planting Hertfordshire

Tree Planting


Why do we plant trees?

The Blue Tree Company offers a range of tree planting services. Trees provide a wide range of environmental and ecological benefits to both people and landscapes

If you are considering removing a tree, we would encourage you to think about planting one in its place


Our Tree planting services

• We can plant trees and hedging plants of all sizes
• We can advise our clients on what specific species would be most appropriate for the space and soil type
• If a tree has died due to a disease we would not normally replace it with the same species because of the risk of it becoming infected
• Typically, we recommend native broadleaf trees such as Beech and Oak because they are far more beneficial to native wildlife
• We buy trees and hedging plants only from reputable nurseries, and all trees need to have a plant passport where applicable. Biosecurity is important in limiting the spread of disease



When planting new trees, it’s very important to keep the trees well-watered. We offer an irrigation system installation service to assist in this

Young trees can benefit from formative pruning to encourage them to grow in a strong and healthy form. This can reduce problems and expense as the tree grows


Our Process

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their hopes for their site are achieved. This involves guiding through options of tree types and recommending care approaches and the best species for soil types

We follow British Standards when planting trees to ensure that they are planted correctly. This means planting at the correct depth, mulching the surrounding area, staking them and providing protection against grazing animals. This approach gives the trees the best chance of succeeding

qualified & insured

The Blue Tree Company is proud to be members of the following organisations.
Our team are qualified tree surgeons and fully insured, guaranteeing you a professional service.