Committed to Environmental Conservation

At The Blue Tree Company, our unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and preservation drives our tree management practices. We deeply understand the vital role that trees play in sustaining our ecosystem and prioritise retaining them whenever possible. Our approach focuses on reducing tree removal and emphasises the preservation of valuable trees. Additionally, we actively promote re-planting to restore and enhance green spaces, fostering a thriving environment for various plant and animal species. Each tree holds immense significance within its ecosystem. For instance, mature oaks create thriving habitats for numerous insect species and offer essential nourishment to birds and mammals through their acorns. Their decomposing leaves support stag beetles and various fungi, while hollows and crevices become valuable nesting sites for birds and bats. Moreover, trees act as natural air purifiers, producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, which contributes to cleaner air for all. We also recognize the importance of standing deadwood and, where suitable, implement the process of veteranisation, simulating natural storm damage to create diverse habitat opportunities. As part of our environmental responsibility, we have implemented measures to minimise our carbon footprint. Our modern fleet of vehicles is strategically utilised to cover the fewest miles possible, and we are actively transitioning to electric tools to reduce noise pollution and emissions while caring for trees. Regularly monitoring our carbon footprint allows us to continually improve and have a positive impact on the environment. At The Blue Tree Company, our passion for preserving nature’s beauty drives every aspect of our work, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.
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Recycling and Waste

At The Blue Tree Company, we take pride in our commitment to pollution prevention, habitat preservation, and reducing our carbon footprint. We actively promote the responsible use of tree work materials to minimise environmental impact and maximise sustainability. Cut hardwood logs are carefully seasoned and locally sold as premium firewood, offering an eco-friendly heating solution with minimal carbon emissions. As for softwood and woodchips, we utilise them to produce renewable energy through biomass boilers, further contributing to our environmentally responsible practices. Green waste is composted for use in landscaping projects. Moreover, we strongly encourage customers to keep and utilise wood chips as valuable mulch, enhancing soil quality and serving as a natural fertiliser, especially around trees. This practice effectively reduces soil compaction and provides essential nutrients to support tree growth. Additionally, we advocate for customers to retain timber and create “eco piles” in suitable locations. These eco piles serve as habitat features, promoting biodiversity and contributing to the overall health of the ecosystem. The Company has an Environment Agency waste carriers licence and holds exemptions for storing our by products at our yard, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Choose The Blue Tree Company for expert tree services that prioritise environmental responsibility.

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