Fred Burkitt

Fred Burkitt is an experienced tree surgeon with over 15 years in the industry. He is the founder and co-director of The Blue Tree Company. In his career to date, Fred has worked with a wide range of London-based organisations including Westminster Council, The Royal Parks, English Heritage, and outside the Houses of Parliament. During his time in London, he worked at Kew Gardens and was also part of the 2012 Olympic effort, helping LOCOG by providing emergency response in St James’ Park.

Fred’s favourite experience to date was working on a 300 year old oak at the Royal Hospital for neuro disability. The tree had been condemned by a previous tree consultant, but Fred and his team developed a plan that could retain the tree through careful management – crown reduction and safeguarding measures. “The tree had so much ecological and historical value, it would have been a shame to cut it down

It was in London that he honed his practical skills and was able to complete the training necessary to become a fully-qualified Arborist

Following this, Fred returned to his roots in North Hertfordshire, where he set about establishing The Blue Tree Company

Fred Burkitt’s first venture into tree surgery, was in 2003, when he worked for Hertfordshire based Ashwell Trees before heading to the University of Sheffield. Fred strongly believes that a good foundation in Sociology is the natural precursor to a successful career in Arboriculture!

He studied the National Diploma in Arboriculture and Forestry at Capel Manor College, where he achieved a Triple Distinction and received the Husqvarna Best Arborist Award. Fred is a believer in continuous professional development and has since achieved a TechArborA from The Arboricultural Association

Fred’s aim for The Blue Tree Company is to be recognised and respected for our professionalism, customer service and environmental credentials

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