Precision Tree Removal in Finchley, North London

In March 2024, we were instructed with the complex removal of a large oak tree in Finchley, North London. This tree was directly implicated in causing subsidence damage to nearby homes situated on London blue clay, necessitating its careful and strategic removal.

Complex Site Conditions
The removal site presented numerous challenges. The oak was growing through wooden decking, bordered by a brook, a brick-built shed, and a wooden pergola, with only a narrow passage for access. This situation required an innovative approach to remove the tree safely without impacting the surrounding structures and natural features.

Strategic Execution and Team Coordination
To manage the complexities of the site, a 180-tonne mobile tower crane was employed, capable of lifting 4.5 tonnes at a distance of 35 meters. This solution not only mitigated the risk of damage but also streamlined the process. Traffic management measures were meticulously planned, involving road closures and parking suspensions to facilitate the crane operation and crew movement.

The lift was expertly supervised by a professional slinger from the crane company, in conjunction with Fred Burkitt, ensuring precision and safety at every step. Climbers Paul and Dom played critical roles in methodically dismantling the crown of the tree. They skillfully balanced and prepared the timber sections for removal, showcasing their expertise.

On the ground, Tony, Callum, and Jamie guided each section safely to the ground, where it was
efficiently processed. Their efforts kept the site clean and well-organised, facilitating a smooth
operation without any disruptions.

Community Engagement and Seamless Operation
The operation attracted attention from the community, with many residents taking the opportunity to watch and record the proceedings. This interaction provided an educational glimpse into the precision and planning involved in professional tree management, especially in urban settings.

The project was completed with no damage to the adjacent properties, allowing for the necessary building and underpinning work to commence safely. The success of this operation was a testament to the team’s high level of coordination, expertise, and commitment to safety. This case study serves not only as a record of overcoming a significant challenge but also as a demonstration of the team’s
capability to manage complex tree removals in sensitive urban environments.

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