Tree Surgery in St Albans: St Albans Cathedral

St Albans Cathedral

The Blue Tree Company have completed a range of tree surgery in St Albans. It was a real privilege to be asked in November 2016 to fell a Yew tree next to St Albans Cathedral and to dismantle the tree’s canopy and remove the stump to make way for a visitor centre. With parts of the historic building in St Albans dating back to 793AD it was a job that needed to be done with care and precision. Not only were the roots going through a protected site, but they had also grown through a medieval graveyard. The work needed to be carried out in conjunction with the archaeologists working on the site. Everything needed to be carefully documented before taking it out of the ground.

Thank you so much for undertaking the work. It looks great and we are very pleased with the outcome

Helen Gray, Head of Operations, Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans

The photos above shows the team as they were part way through dismantling the tree’s canopy

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